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Knitted Conforming Stretch Elastic Bandage
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Knitted Conforming Stretch Elastic Bandage

Product Description


  PBT elastic bandage, also named conforming bandage, made of chemical fibers or chemical fibers and cotton yarn, is divided into plain PBT elastic bandage and crepe PBT elastic bandage. It is comfortable, soft, flexible, highly elastic and economical.

  This product produced by shuttleless loom, has high output and ability to meet requirements of huge quantity orders. This product is disinfected to make first-aid packets or be used as gauze bandage in many countries. It is deeply favored by our customers.

  Its regular sizes include 5cm/7.5cm/10cm/15cm/20cm/4cm/6cm/8cm/10cm/12cm x2.7m/3m/ 4m/4.5cm/4.1Y. For the specific specification and special package, we can produce it by customers’ requirements or samples.

  Various products can be produced into different weights and styles. Welcome new and old customers to contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

Quick Details:

Properties: Medical Materials & Accessories   

Type: Surgical Dressings   

Brand Name: HF or Customer brand

Model Number: All Sizes      

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)         

Factory: Yes

Colour: white or Bleach

Clips: aluminum clips and elastic clips

Regular size: 5cm*4m/4.1Y; 7.5cm*4m/4.1Y; 10cm*4m/4.1Y; 15cm*4m/4.1Y; 20cm*4m/4.1Y 

           We can do the size according to your request.

Regular weight: 26 g/m2, 28g/m2, 30g/m2, 32g/m2, 32g/m2,50g/m2, 52 g/m2, 82 g/m2

PBT Plain Elastic Bandage 28g/m2

Art No.SpecificationsRolls/cartonN.W(kg)G.W. (kg)Dimensions(cm)
HFHPP.W-0280225cm x 4m72045.545x 33 x38
HFHPP.W-0280327.5cm x 4m48045.545x 33 x38
HFHPP.W-02804210cm x 4m36045.545x 33 x38
HFHPP.W-02806215cm x 4m24045.545x 33 x38
HFHPP.W-02808220cm x 4m18045.545x 33 x38

A knitted conforming stretch elastic bandage can be a great temporary adhesive bandage to keep up with an unexpected illness or injury. Being an adhesive bandage, it can be quickly and easily put on and take off. They are used as a treatment for minor skin abrasions and burns. They are also great for covering the head during cold and flu seasons, as they keep the hair out of the eyes, which can be uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous.

The fabric of this particular bandage is created with the assistance of heat and some sort of a knitting needle. The bandage is put on using the knitting needle and then is stretched into shape by pulling the elastic bandage tight against the body. This creates the bandage to conform to the shape of the body. The knitted elastic bandages are perfect for covering bruises and minor burns. They are also often used as a wrap around bandage on minor injuries that won't heal, or as a bandage over an existing wound to help it heal quicker and without scarring.

Knitted elastic bands are very popular today because they are quick to put on and take off, and because they are extremely comfortable to wear. If a patient or injured person needs immediate medical attention, a knitted bandage is the perfect option. A knitted bandage is reusable because the fabric can be cut into any length needed and can be tailored to fit the individual who will be wearing the bandage. In addition, the elasticity of a knitted bandage is very good and will keep the patient comfortable and safe throughout the healing process.

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