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        Nano dressings fight infection

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        According to the daily science website reported recently, researchers are currently using nanometer technology development, the dressing dressings can diagnose and therapy of wound infection. Scientists at the university of bath in the southwest of Britain and Bristol children burn center franco sand hospital burns teamwork, study together this advanced dressings。

          This kind of dressing by pathogenic bacteria from the start, bag, antibiotics in the release of nano targeting therapy before pathogen infection. Dressing would change color in the release of antibiotics, remind health professionals have been infected wounds。

          University of bath, the project manager said dr Jenkins toby ldquo &, This kind of dressing is just the start of pathogenic bacteria, pathogenic bacteria produce toxins can break the capsule containing antibiotics and dye. This means that antibiotics only in time of need, thereby reducing the release of super bacteria staphylococcus epidermidis (as) of new antibiotics resistance risk of evolution.”

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