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        Dressings industry development to break

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        Dressings industry development to break

                Dressings as a kind of important medical supplies, health materials in China's export trade plays an important role. Along with the advancement of medical reform in China and global aging degree, our dressings industry in rapid development. In order to let the reader is fully understand our dressings problems existing in the development of industry and the direction, we has invited domestic dressings in-depth industry experts. This by China insurance chamber of dressings, our medical materials within the industry in the United States, only a listed company - solid industrial (shenzhen) Co., LTD LiJianQuan chairman history, China is dressings dressings industry development, the analysis of concern.
              Challenges faced multiple industries
              In recent years, our country dressings high-speed development, maintain industry worldwide export always dressings 20% of the total export. Because our country is the traditional textile powers, is the world's largest producer and consumer of cotton yarn, cotton and importing industrial output, textile industry, has the very good advantage of industrial clusters. Therefore, the main products are exported advantage, cotton, gauze, the natural material such as class a bandage dressings. But these products technology difficulty, low added value is not high. In addition, although it has been in a financial crisis, the global economy was slow recovery, but China's export sector faces some difficulties, dressings industry also cannot survive. By 2010, the national bureau of statistics has released from the price and other economic data, the consumer price index (CPI) and factory-gate prices index (PPI), China has continued to rise compared to further intensify inflationary pressure。

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