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        Cotton elastic bandage is made for variety of medical uses, such as surgical dressing’s retention, postoperative care athletic health care, soft-tissue injury and joint pain, etc. It is made of weft and warp thread, fixed with leno weave on both ends .After shrinking, bleaching, washing, dying, iron and other routine processings, it becomes highly elastic. This product conquered common flaws of synthetic elastic bandage due to smoothness of chemical fiber such as easily snagged has good water absorption and breathability. It also got non-irritating, evenly pressure, soft and comfortable as its characteristics. It can be disinfected and reuse. This product is the favorite of European customers.
        We have regular specifications as thus: 5cm\7.5cm\10cm\15cm\20cm\30cm for width, 4m\5m for length. We can also produce other specifications with various weight and style according to samples and requests of our customers. Please contact us by e-mail; we will be far too pleased to serve you.

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