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A Cuff and Collar Sling Help restore Function
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A Cuff and Collar Sling Help restore Function

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Treat arm injuries using cuff and collar slings, which ensures a natural, comfortable arm position throughout the treatment. Its padded wristband is also adjustable to suit most patients with arm problems. The web sling has extra padding, which adds comfort when wearing the sling. This sling is made with medical grade silicone so that it provides adequate support to the arm as the pressure is applied to it.

The web sling is easy to use and offers complete patient care. The arm is gently guided through exercises that stretch the muscle and tendon, relieving tension in the area. After stretching, the arm is gently relaxed in the sling. The cuff and collar are then used to apply a gentle but effective force on the arm to stretch and elongate the muscle.

Injuries such as tennis elbow, bursitis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, corns and calluses, whiplash, and scoliosis can be relieved with these special slings. The adjustable Velcro straps adjust to the individual arm's position. It also comes with a safety pin, so patients can quickly remove the safety pin when it becomes unresponsive from use. The sling's padded wrist and shoulder straps ensure maximum comfort.

To safely carry out all aspects of a patient's physical therapy treatments, a large arm sling such as this one is required. The sling helps maintain balance, provide stability, and reduce strain on the injured arm. Patients who have had orthopedic procedures, shoulder surgery, fractures, or other serious injuries, and those who perform physical therapy treatments on a daily basis to benefit from this type of therapy support. Those who perform chiropractic treatments on a daily basis to benefit from the support that this sling offers, as well.

The use of a large arm sling when performed by physical therapists or chiropractors helps improve motor function, as well. This is because muscle tension is relieved, allowing patients to move their arms more freely and painlessly. Both motor function and spine health are improved when physical therapists and chiropractors utilize crutches, leg braces, and the larger sling during treatment sessions. The results are greater confidence, less pain, more range of motion, and better posture. These individuals can resume their normal activities with much greater ease after their treatments are performed with this equipment.

In cases where an arm sling is required for therapeutic purposes, one piece of this specialized therapy equipment is worn on the upper arm, under the large sling. Then, a different piece may be worn around the wrist, underneath the adjustable strap. This piece of equipment is called the triangular bandage. The triangular bandage is used in conjunction with the adjustable sling to ensure that the patient receives the full benefits of the treatment. Once the adjustable sling is removed, the patient can then wear the cuff around his or her neck and wrist comfortably.


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