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  • Roll Gauze Bandage


    Roll gauze bandages are a staple part of any first-aid kit. With a variety of uses, they are an excellent choice for all types of injuries. They're light and easy to apply, and their open weave prevents material from sticking to the wound, which can cause further damage. Some rolled gauze is coated Read More

  • Cotton Crepe Bandages


    Known for their durability, comfort, and lightweight design, Cotton Crepe Bandages are excellent for supporting minor injuries. These bandages are a popular choice for use as a pressure bandage for skin joints. Their woven fast edges and cotton content ensure the safety of the bandage and its wearer Read More

  • Elastic Bandage Clips


    Among the various types of bandages, elastic bandage clips are the most convenient. This type of bandage clip is characterized by its contoured teeth, which provide firm anchorage for the fabric wrap. These clips are easier to apply than safety pins and are popular with both medical staff and patien Read More

  • How to Remove Bandage Adhesive


    In case you're wondering how to remove bandage adhesive, the best way to do so is to soak the affected area in warm water. This will loosen the adhesive and remove the sticky residue. You can also soak the area while you're taking a shower or bath. The soaking method will help remove the adhesive ma Read More

  • Soft Roll Cast Padding


    Sof-Roll(r) Cast Padding is made of 100% surgical-grade rayon. Its purpose is to cushion the bony prominences under the cast and minimize pressure on them. It is available in rolls and varying sizes. The main benefit of this type of padding is its low moisture retention. There is no need for plastic Read More

  • How to Use a Plaster Bandage Roll


    When you are creating a life-size sculpture, mache figure, or mask, you will need a plaster bandage roll. These rolls are premium-quality and quick-drying, creating a solid foundation for your creation. These rolls also work great as a full-body cast. For additional details, visit the product page. Read More

  • Advantages of an Elastic Tubular Bandage


    An elastic tubular bandage is made from 100% cotton. It is composed of a spiral of elastic threads laid into a material. The material is breathable, washable and available in 10 meter rolls. An elastic tubular support bandage can be used on wrists, ankles, knees, thighs, and elbows. It is ideal for Read More

  • World of Warcraft - Bandages


    As you've probably seen, First Aid is one of the most versatile professions in the game. You can use it to revive fallen combatants, replenish mana, and repair damaged gear. The skill requires about 60 gold for one bandage, but you can get more for your money by selling them in the auction house. It Read More

  • Collar Cuff Bandage


    Collar and cuff bandages are ideal for keeping the injured arm and wrist in a neutral position while they heal. They have a loop that can be fed under the arm and around the collar bone. The sling can then be slipped over the forearm and wrist. This gives the arm a full support and prevents it from Read More

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