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Advantages of Using an Absorbent Pad Over a Bandage
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Advantages of Using an Absorbent Pad Over a Bandage

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An adhesive bandage, sometimes called just a stick plaster, simple bandage, or just plain plaster in British English, is an essentially small medical dressing typically used for minor injuries. They're also referred to by the more generic names of band-aid or Elastoplast. These bandages are often used right on site in order to avoid contaminating surfaces that could be contaminated with blood or other bodily fluids. They can even be used in conjunction with sutures as a quick, temporary form of dressings.

The basic design of an adhesive bandage consists of a thin piece of clear, stretchable plastic (or sometimes polyethylene) that has a series of hollow inner "stales" or needle-like sections. One side of each of these sections has an opening large enough for a standard pen or pencil to fit through. On the other side of the bandage, the adhesive will be held tightly in place and cannot be pulled away without damaging the fabric of the dressing.

A typical type of an adhesive bandage is composed of a thin, clear, transparent piece of latex, which is placed over a moist surface such as the skin. Sometimes, the base of a pad can include an open, smooth surface such as a drinking cup. To change this, simply remove the open part of the cup and insert a new one. Most bandages will have a hole, either one along the side or over the top, from which you can pull off the adhesive.

Because it's such a useful product, many people prefer to use a disposable adhesive bandage when treating small wounds. This is especially beneficial when treating small, easily controlled wounds such as cuts and bruises, or similar "micro-discections". If you don't have access to an immediate medical treatment and are unable to start treating a wound before it becomes more infected, using a disposable bandage is one of the easiest ways of reducing infection to a minimum.

Another advantage of using an absorbent pad instead of a bandage is that it offers you more mobility. The problem with using a band-aid is that once you stop applying pressure to your skin, you are left with a soggy, wet mess on your hands. Although the soggy mess can be cleaned easily by wiping it with toilet paper, this can still leave a moist residue which will make the healing process takes longer. With an absorbent pad, you will be able to move around freely afterwards, removing the mess and leaving a fresh, dry surface. Although the healing process may take slightly longer, at least you won't have to worry about any permanent marks while you're healing.

Absorbent pads have also been used by doctors and therapists to reduce swelling and inflammation after surgical procedures. They are highly absorbent and thus are perfectly suited for taking care of small cuts and scratches on the skin. The adhesive bandages on the other hand are much better suited for larger skin wounds as they don't stay on the surface of the skin where they will need to soak up any excess moisture. band-aid adhesive bandages is best used as a temporary dressing for minor skin problems and not as a healing agent.


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