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Elastic Bandages

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An elastic bandage is "a flexible, durable bandage usually used to produce localized, often temporary, pressure." Elastic bandages are most commonly used to cure muscle injuries by restricting the circulation of blood in a certain region by applying even moderate or low pressure that will limit bleeding at that area of injury. The bandages themselves are stretchable fabrics that are tied at one end to form a tight band or tube that has elastic properties. The elastic properties allow the bandage to be stretched into a small wound that may heal into a larger heal over time. The elasticity of elastic bandages is an important factor in their ability to heal certain kinds of wounds such as those that are caused by cuts, punctures, and skin irritations.

Elastic bandages come in several varieties including materials such as nylon, Lycra, cotton, and spandex. Nylon and Lycra are the most common types of elastic bandages although spandex has recently been becoming more popular due to its added health benefits. Cotton, on the other hand, is the most flexible type of bandage available. While the elasticity and flexibility of each bandage type comes with its own benefits, the bandages themselves are all designed to perform in similar ways to limit the amount of time that healing takes place.

Bandage elastic bands are applied and removed in much the same way as any other type of compression wrap. After receiving the recommended dose of medication or treatment, the bandages must be removed before the body can absorb the medication or begin to heal itself. There are two main methods for removing elastic bandages. These methods include excision and injection. Both methods leave a small, sterile area that will allow the body to absorb the medication or alleviate the swelling that was caused by the injury or ailment. This method may also be used for bandages that have come into contact with sutures or other wound treatment that was less than satisfactory.

There are a number of reasons why a physician would prefer to place an elastic bandage over a period of time instead of placing it directly over the problem area. First, bandages may provide the patient with additional therapeutic benefits besides just alleviating pain and discomfort. By wrapping the bandages around a problem area or dressing, doctors can help to improve circulation, increase blood flow to the affected area, and create a more even skin tone. This is beneficial because the skin will appear smoother and tighter and may help patients prevent potential skin breakouts or irritation. It can also prevent swelling from taking hold of the area and encourage healing to take place.

Another advantage of bandages over wrapping with sutures is that elastic bandages provide additional protection against infectious diseases and bacteria. Bandages prevent the entry of microorganisms and facilitate the movement of air and other germs and organisms. Encourage the body's natural processes to move the infected area away from the skin. Encourage the body's natural immune system to fight the problem. Lastly, bandages provide a form of temporary protection while one waits for sutures or surgery to take care of the problem.

Wearing bandages has provided millions of people with temporary relief from pain and discomfort, but they do not offer any form of permanent cure. Bandages can only do so much. The elastic bandages do offer one form of relief from pain by allowing the patient to manage discomfort. However, bandages will never resolve the issues that cause one's suffering, and the wrapping is the best option available for temporary relief.


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