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How Does A Soft Cervical Collar Work?
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How Does A Soft Cervical Collar Work?

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A soft cervical collar can help you prevent neck pain. This cervical collar fits properly in the neck and can be adjusted to fit your neck size comfortably. This collar is specifically designed to fit neck sizes up to 20-inch and adjusts from neck height 2.5-inch - five-inch. This product provides a comfortable, soft, low-level support for tightness or pinched nerves in the neck.

It's adjustable in both height and width. It's made of soft, flexible, breathable foam and usually covered with a soft, textured knit material for added comfort. The soft cervical collar has been clinically proven to help relieve neck pain and tension. The collar features an elasticated band on one side that attaches to the collar. This gives you a smooth, low-profile fit that also keeps your hands secure while wearing the collar.

The soft cervical collar helps lessen headaches caused by tension headaches. It also reduces pain due to menstrual cramps and other types of pain and discomfort brought on by muscle spasms. Many people who suffer from sleep apnea find relief using a soft cervical collar. The adjustable collar lets the wearer to adjust to fit his or her face and neck comfortably.

Some users have compared the soft cervical collar to an infantile tic. In many cases the child will grow out of it as he or she grows into a toddler or young child. When your child starts to feel pain in their neck, they should be encouraged to speak to their parents. If left alone, they may decide not to wear the soft cervical collar anymore. Never leave your child alone with the soft cervical collar on. It can cause them great discomfort.

Some parents have reported their children developing behavioral problems after they started wearing the soft cervical collar. They started exhibiting yelling or screaming or even become argumentative. However, this is usually just a psychological reaction. It usually goes away as the child gets older and is introduced to a calmer, more normal way of behaving.

Your pediatrician can tell you if you are a good candidate for a soft cervical collar. It may be a good idea to undergo a sleep study before you try one though. You will probably need to abstain from sex for at least three hours before you start wearing the soft cervical collar. It may also be necessary for you to take an additional course of medication once you start wearing the collar.


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