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How Important is the Cuff Collar?
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How Important is the Cuff Collar?

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When men are choosing shirts, one of the first things they look at is whether or not they will look good in a cuff collar. Cuff collars are designed to lift and shape the neck and give it a more shapely appearance. This is great for men who have a square-shaped face and would like to wear shirts with a more modern and edgy appearance. On the other hand, those who have a more rounded face will probably not look their best in a button down collar shirt.

There are so many ways in which a guy can wear this type of shirt. Most commonly, these shirts are paired with khakis. However, you can also choose to wear these shirts with a simple pair of slacks. These days, these types of shirts are even making a comeback in traditional business attire. If you want to make a bold and powerful statement, then a shirt that is crafted from this material is the perfect choice.

If you are going to purchase this shirt, there are some things you will need to consider beforehand. One of the most important things you will need to think about is the length of the cuff on your shirt. The shorter the cuff, the better. You want the sleeves of the shirt to be a comfortable length. Too long and the sleeves can be cumbersome and make you look tired.

The color of the shirt will also be an important factor. Think about what colors will look great with your complexion and hair color. Ideally, you should look for collars that match your shirt in color. If you are planning on wearing a dark-colored shirt, then the matching color of the cuff should be the same as well.

If you cannot find a cuff that is the same as your shirt, you can opt to get custom-made cuff collars. A custom-made cuff will be created to fit your exact body measurements. This will ensure that the shirt and cuff are perfectly matched to create a truly one-of-a-kind look. This option can cost more, but you will definitely be satisfied with the end result.

All in all, if you would like to get the perfect look with your shirts, you will need to look into buying a cuff collar. This will help you stand out in a good way. It will give you a tailored look and will also allow your to breathe a bit more. You will also look great when you are working out at the gym or just at home.


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