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How Versatile Is 3 Million Mile Ace Elastic Bandages?
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How Versatile Is 3 Million Mile Ace Elastic Bandages?

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If you have a large wound that does not seem to heal and there is bleeding then you should consider using the Ace Elastic Bandage. This product comes in a variety of sizes, colors and thread options to meet your needs. If you are looking for a cost effective way to apply a Band-Aid or similar adhesive, then this is one option.

How to Wrap a Leg with 3M ACE Elasticbandage? Begin by wrapping the lower leg at the ankle level around the opposite side, moving to mid-calf length around the opposite side then back to the starting point. Wrap the bandage around the whole leg above and behind the original knee joint and down the side a couple of times.

Wrap the bandage diagonally across the top of the leg making sure it doesn't come off. Secure the bandage at the end making sure the Velcro ends don't come undone easily. The elastic bandage is completely sealed in the packaging, so there is no additional sealing needed, although I wouldn't use too much pressure on the packaging when applying the bandage. Apply the bandage to your affected area(s) immediately; it will take some time for the adhesive to saturate your skin so keep at it until the area is completely healed.

A 3m ace elastic bandage is made from the strongest and most durable materials available. The bandage is almost 100% waterproof with excellent retention elasticity and will easily absorb repeated use. The bandage will dry very quickly due to its superior absorbency. The bandage is also hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin

To prevent the bandage becoming threadbare after you have washed it several times, be sure to apply a small amount of heat protectant between the bandage and your skin before you start the wrapping process. If you are using the 3m ace bandage as a sleeping aid, then you may consider placing a warm damp cloth under the bandage prior to wrapping it around yourself or your child. This will help to maintain the bandages shape and help to retain elasticity. If you are unable to do this, then be very gentle with the bandage and only use it as a sleeping aid otherwise you risk it tearing whilst you are asleep.

As these bandages can be so useful and beneficial for everyday use, you will find that you will never need to go out without them. The 3m Ace Bandages are extremely versatile and can be used for a range of purposes whether it is for the prevention of minor burns, preventing the growth of moles, repairing mild to moderate tears, preventing blood clots and retaining elasticity of the skin and body parts that it covers. So when you are looking for something to protect your body from the elements or to help relieve minor discomfort, you should definitely consider using 3m Ace Elastic Bandages.


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