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  • Stretch Crochet Headbands Is Very Useful


    Stretch crochet headbands are lovely and fun way to accessorize your outfit. Whether you're a crocheter or not, these headbands are simple to make. This is a great crochet project for those who have never done it before as you will soon discover! The great thing about this crochet style is the fact Read More

  • A Cuff and Collar Sling Help restore Function


    Treat arm injuries using cuff and collar slings, which ensures a natural, comfortable arm position throughout the treatment. Its padded wristband is also adjustable to suit most patients with arm problems. The web sling has extra padding, which adds comfort when wearing the sling. This sling is made Read More

  • How a Cervical Neck Collar Can Relieve Neck Pain


    A cervical collar is typically used to both stabilize or immobilize the head as a means to help alleviate pain from the neck region. It also helps ensure that the neck and surrounding soft tissues are not injured or strained after an injury or surgery. This is because when these soft tissues become Read More

  • How to Remove Gauze Bandage


    Bandage gauze is the medical term for a bandage or plaster that is used to cover wounds, protect them from infection, or assist in their healing process. The bandages are applied by a doctor, nurse, or some other medical professional to provide temporary protection or prevent further injury or furth Read More

  • How Versatile Is 3 Million Mile Ace Elastic Bandages?


    If you have a large wound that does not seem to heal and there is bleeding then you should consider using the Ace Elastic Bandage. This product comes in a variety of sizes, colors and thread options to meet your needs. If you are looking for a cost effective way to apply a Band-Aid or similar adhesi Read More

  • Advantages of Using an Absorbent Pad Over a Bandage


    An adhesive bandage, sometimes called just a stick plaster, simple bandage, or just plain plaster in British English, is an essentially small medical dressing typically used for minor injuries. They're also referred to by the more generic names of band-aid or Elastoplast. These bandages are often us Read More

  • The Advantages Of Rubber Cast Padding


    Cast Padding is basically a type of rubber cast that is commonly used for industrial and construction purposes. The cast padding or rubber cast is formed by the heating of cast iron or steel sheets and it is then shaped into certain shapes. It is very popular in areas where there is high demand for Read More

  • How To Apply Plaster Bands For Temporary Protection


    An adhesive plaster bandage, also known as a fixed plaster, standard plaster, or just plain plaster in British English, is usually a thin flexible medical covering used for superficial skin injuries not too grave to require a full size bandage. They also come by the generic names of Band-Aid or Elas Read More

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