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The History of the Medical Plaster Bandage
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The History of the Medical Plaster Bandage

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Plaster bandages are the most commonly used bandage in the first aid kit. They come in a variety of sizes and quantities and are used for treating minor injuries and wounds. Compared to elastic bands, these plasters allow for more modeling. A long-lasting plaster can be reshaped many times after it has been placed. Another option is a quick-release plaster. These are made of synthetic material and can cure in a matter of minutes. They are often used for fractures in first aid.

Plasters are textile adhesive bands used for wound care and disturbances in moveable joints. A medical plaster is used to hold a wound cover, stabilize joints, and cover puncture points. Praxisdienst stocks all types of BSN adhesive tapes. These are particularly effective for quick wrapping. There are also adhesive bandages for wounds and injuries. A quick-setting medical plaster can save a patient time by preventing infection. Choosing a quality plaster is an investment in your health and your life.

In the 18th century, Henri Francois Le Dran, a German doctor who practiced in Paris, used a bandage soaked in water and plaster of Paris. The result was a hardened plaster that hardened within minutes. Mathijsen published a monograph based on Seutin's starched bandage amidonnee. In Napoleon's army, a physician named Dominique Jean Larrey created the first medical plaster bandage.

In 1849, the first medical plaster bandage was created. It was a plaster of Paris. The medical plaster bandage was widely used, replacing other forms of splintage. During the early 1930s, the concept was commercialized and was available in German hospitals. The first commercial plaster bandages were made by spreading the plaster onto a soft cloth. In the next few years, the use of medical plaster bandages became more common.

The first medical plaster bandage was created in 1797 by Antoine De Luc, a Swiss surgeon. The first known plaster bandage was made of thin strips of cotton cloth and plaster of Paris powder. It was used until 1950. Its history demonstrates the origins of this bandage. The first plaster of Paris bandage was called amidonnee and was used in the splint. However, it was a popular treatment in France.

The first medical plaster bandage was invented in 1747 by the French physician Lafargue of St. Emilion. This plaster was made of fresh warm starch paste mixed with plaster of Paris powder and hardened much faster than previous plasters. During the first century, the invention of the medical plaster bandage was still not widely used until the mid 1800s. Nevertheless, this simple bandage was still a useful one.

The first medical plaster bandage was invented by Don Eugenio de la Penna, a Spanish doctor. He used linen bandages moistened with lead-acetate and Camphor spirit. Then, another doctor in the same city, called Dr. Joseph Séutin, developed the first modern plaster: the plasters he invented were made of zinc glue. There are many different types of medical plaster bandages.


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