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Types of Cast Padding
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Types of Cast Padding

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A good type of cast padding is non-woven polyester. It's soft, pliable, and conformable. It's also strong, but not abrasive, so it is suitable for all kinds of cast materials, including plaster and synthetic materials. It's also easy to cut and remove, and is very easy to clean. Listed below are some other types of cast padding. They are a good choice for children, as long as you choose the right material for your child.

Cotton Cast Padding - This padding is made from 100% surgical grade needle-loomed rayon to maximize wicking of exudate under a cast. This material provides superior absorbency and tensile strength, while keeping the cast comfortable and breathable. It is latex-free and is available in a variety of widths, which makes it versatile for a wide range of situations. This product is available in 6 rolls per package.

Foam Cast Padding - Most undercast padding is water-resistant, but it doesn't dry quickly. Most of these types of undercast padding are easy to pull out at the edges and unravel large amounts. Unlike cotton padding, water-proof cast padding dries faster and is usually more expensive. Some medical assistants use a stockinette next to the skin to avoid any uncomfortable friction. This type of casting pad is more durable, and can be used with a variety of types of cast.

Cotton Cast Padding - Made of 100% surgical grade needle-loomed rayon, Sof-Rol Cast Padding maximizes the absorption of body exudate underneath a cast. Sof-Rol cast padding is soft and comfortable and is latex-free. It is easy to wash and is available in various sizes. Whether it is latex-free or not, these cast pads can make the difference between comfort and discomfort.

Cotton Cast Padding - A cotton cast pad can be made from three different materials. The first one, StayGuard(tm) cotton, is highly absorbent and offers the most comfort to the patient. It is also resistant to creasing and is easy to maintain. Another option is the polyester casting padding, which is durable and resists water and is machine-washable. It is a great choice for patients with skin-sensitive skin, or for those who need to be comfortable while their cast is being changed.

Spun Dacron polyester is lightweight and absorbent, making it a great option for undercast padding. It is easy to clean and is soft to the touch, which makes it ideal for patients. It's also strong and can be used with most kinds of casts, including those made of plastic. Despite the benefits of cotton, it's important to note that a cotton cast should be comfortable for the patient and not cause pain or discomfort.


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