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Wool Crepe Elastic Bandage
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Wool Crepe Elastic Bandage

Product Description


Wool bandage, one of the upscale bandages produced by our company, belongs to soft fixation material. It’s mixed by wool and cotton yarn. It’s often used as a fixation bandage after surgery. It’s also used for sprain and body protection in physical activities. Patients feel comfortable after using it. It’s soft, no stimulation to the skin, not allergies and not easy to fetch away.

Although it’s more expensive than other kinds of bandages because of the wool, the soft sense of touch is the best.

Its regular sizes include 5cm/7.5cm/10cm/15cm/20cm/30cm x 4m/4.5cm. For the specific specification and special package, we can produce it by customers’ requirements or samples.

  Various products can be produced into different weights and styles. Welcome new and old customers to contact us. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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